One of the short stories I’ve played with has to do with an ancient being called Devik. Basically, he is the representation of Ying and yang, dark and light, good and bad, etc. It is a story about the struggle for balance in a being of immense power. The story has evolved so many times over the span of my life time. As I grow and evolve as a person so has the story of Devik. No, he is not a story about me. He isn’t meant to represent my life at all.  Anyway, I’ve started writing down my ideas of Devik and hope to condense the many scenes/dreams about him into a short story. Here is just a brief intro into his intro.


It was a warm rainy evening. The rain was coming down harder than it had in a long time. A large thunder storm had rolled in. It quickly soaked any unwary traveler to the bone in seconds. Rain drops pounded the landscape as if angry at some unforgivable slight. The sky was full of dark rolling clouds barking thunder and spewing lightening across the heavens. The clouds had a eerie glow from the sunlight trying in vain to slip thru the tiniest crack.  The storm would not relent and the effect made the sky look as if it was alive. The wind whipped about, almost seeming to wrap itself around the figure in the distance.

On such a night, one could be forgiven for not noticing the figure standing alone on an outcropping near the ocean. He stood on the jagged rocks at the very edge as if daring the wind to challenge his stance. The figure looked across the vastness of water almost as if he were searching for someone in the distance. His countenance was partially covered by a hood, but the eyes, even in the dark, were a visible blue.  Anyone looking would have sworn his eyes emanated a light of their own. In the occasional flash of lightening, a glimpse of strongly defined features could be seen. A dark brow, furrowed in reflective thought. His lips, currently twisted in a bit of a grimace, were normally full and curved. A nose that looked almost hawkish only smaller centered his features. A jaw line, low and straight, finished off a handsome face. His face was strong and fierce; a reflection like a mirror of the emotions within. One could also be forgiven for thinking such a face was cruel. It could and had been but it was not without compassion. Even now there seemed to be a quiver of loneliness flashed in perfect timing with the lightening. The duality of such a face could be summed up in the very nature of his being.

Devik was older than he knew. How old, he honestly didn’t know. There was a dark hole in his memory and he didn’t know why. It was nights like this that he liked to stand in the dark, comforted by his own silence. He used the solitude to search every trace of memory for his origins. The harder he searched, the fuzzier the memories seemed to get. It was as if someone or some thing deliberately wanted him not to remember. It was a truly powerful being indeed to influence once such as Devik. One could not imaged the tremendous power he harbored in such a human looking frame. But Devik was not human, or at least not completely. He was not really sure what it was.

A flash and loud round of thunder shook him out of his thoughts. He gave one last look and turned back toward his vehicle…